Ace of Spades - Identity

Haschwald, a video game live streamer, was looking for an Arknights style logo for his gameplay stream of Escape from Tarkov. He wanted a logo that was poker themed, specifically, something inspired by the Ace of Spades. The logo had to be gritty, aggressive and military themed, rather than look like the traditional ace of spades – rounded and friendly. It had to look minimalistic while still being quite detailed.

After settling on a design direction, I started creating the logo. I started with the traditional ace of spades, and brainstormed ideas on making it militaristic and aggressive. I created a version which had sharp corners and aggressive triangular shapes.

Once the client was happy with the direction, I started adding smaller details, scratches, grunge – making it feel gritty and realistic, while still maintaining that minimalistic feeling. I used a timeless grey color for the logo, to accentuate the minimal look.

Nice! I’m really feeling this one! Thanks!

Two variants were created, one with a white logo on a dark grey background, and the other, with a dark grey logo on a white background. Transparent variants were made as well, in black and white colors. All project files were delivered in multiple resolutions and crops, as well as in vector and print-ready formats.