Exodus: Film Scores - Identity

Exodus, a film score production company based in Spain, were looking for a sharp, bold, aggressive and elegant identity for their brand. After a discovery session, where we figured out the direction the brand was looking towards, we decided on using an aggressive aquila or eagle as the brand mascot with the logo itself using ancient Roman art as inspiration.

The eagle or aquila was one of the most prominent symbols used in ancient Rome. Being symbols of incredible power and courage Roman legions carried standards bearing sculptures of eagles into battle. The eagle was also the bird belonging to Jupiter the King of the Gods.

I wanted to honor this deep legacy while modernizing the symbol.

The logomark was created with clean lines that taper down to sharp pointed ends to convey modern simplicity while still retaining the aggressive quality. Instead of a more common eagle flying to the side, I drew an eagle soaring up to the sky to convey courage and growth.

I used Trajan Pro as the primary typeface to give the logo an air of Roman majesty, while using a simple minimalistic Montserrat typeface as the secondary font. This added a beautiful contrast to the logo. The classic colors of black and white added to the simple sophistication of the logo, bringing it all together in an awe-inspiring final design.

That is AWESOME! I really love it! So cool, so nice! They loved it!

All project files were delivered in multiple resolutions and crops including much higher resolutions than required, as well as in vector and print-ready formats, in order to be futureproof.