FBAGameplay - Rebrand

FBAGameplay is a twitch gameplay streamer who was looking for an amazing banner for his twitch page. He was growing rapidly and required a professional banner to reflect that growth. He really liked the work I did for Fueziken, another twitch streamer, and wanted a banner in the same vein. Before meeting me, he had hired different designers for different aspects of his social media, and each of his social media accounts looked different and inconsistent compared to each other.

After a discovery session where we figured out a direction for the identity and banner, I started working on the lettermark for the brand. We decided on a simple and geometric logo to convey professionalism and class.

After deciding on the logo, it was time to get started on the banner. Instead of using different banners for different social media, I decided on creating a one-size-fits-all banner, creating a single banner that would then be cropped for different social media and different screen sizes. This would ensure a consistent, cohesive feeling between all of FBA’s social media – something which was missing until then.

The banner was created in a much higher resolution than required so that it would be futureproof.


Every aspect of the banner has been designed to bring the viewer’s subconscious attention to FBA himself. Both of the wolves are looking at FBA, the slanted text points to FBA, and the Twitch speech bubble logo has been positioned in such a way as to make it seem like FBA himself is speaking.


The logo has been overlaid over the purple and blue background, beneath the FBA GAMEPLAY text so as to convey professionalism, while FBA rising out of the mist through a background that you can see through a torn paper adds to the fun and the gamer aesthetic.