Fueziken - Rebrand

Jason is a Twitch streamer from Belgium who was looking to rebrand his brand. Going by the online handle of Fueziken, he was using banners and graphics made using online graphic generators and required custom designs to set himself apart from the competition.

After the initial discovery session where he showed me his existing brand material and the types of designs he was looking for, I started working on the banner.

I created a custom lettermark, and decided on creating not just a Twitch banner, but a multi-purpose banner which could be cropped and resized for different social media for a consistent and synergetic look.

After creating the logo, I started working on the banner. Looking through the designs he had sent me, I decided on creating something which exuded spirit and energy. I created a backdrop of cheering crowds and added beautiful paint strokes in a vibrant shade of blue. Striking blue paint splatters were added, and an image of Jason was put in the middle – self-assured and confident. Bold text in all caps with his handle, Fueziken, was added onto the blue paint stroke, and his name was added above in bold clean white letters. A grunge stamp-like version of the logo was added along with line-art styled social media handles to complete the design.

The banner was created in a much higher resolution than required so that it would be futureproofed. Multiple versions of the banner were created in different sizes and crop ratios to be used in different social media.

After finishing up the main banner, I started working on the offline banner. Created in the same way as the main banner for synergy, this one housed a delightful pair of lion cubs. The image was desaturated and the eyes were colored in a brilliant shade of blue. Fueziken’s social media handles were added, and space was left at the bottom of the offline screen to allow for sponsor logos and links.

For the panels linking to Jason’s about, rules, system specifications and social media pages, a subtle overlay of the FZ logo was used over a vivid blue gradient, with blue text and blue highlights.

I then created the profile picture in the same vein as the banner and the rest of the graphics.

For subscriber badges, the colors of Blue, Bronze Red, Silver, Golden Yellow and Rainbow were used to represent the different subscription tiers.

Twitch coins were then created, using both the traditional golden color, as well as a blue gradient color. These were created with bold outlines as they had to be visible at extremely small sizes.

I then finished up the package by creating a simple, clean and minimal camera overlay.

Dude, that’s sick! You are worth it man! It’s perfect!

It was really fun working on this project, and Jason loved the end results! All project files were delivered in multiple resolutions and crops including much higher resolutions than required, as well as in vector and print-ready formats, in order to be futureproof.