Prosper Networks - Identity

Prosper Networks, a premium high performance game server hosting service, was looking for a clean, minimal logo for their company.

After an initial discovery session, we decided on creating a simple, modern lettermark that would be easy to remember and reproduce.

I used a combination of curves and sharp corners to keep the logo friendly and approachable  while having a clean modern feel. An elegant desaturated color scheme was used to accentuate this.

After creating the lettermark, I started working on the typeface. A bold Montserrat typeface was used, which contrasted nicely with the lettermark and looked great when used on the Prosper website. 

The logo was then tested on the website, and the client loved it!


After getting a tremendously positive feedback, the logo was delivered in multiple resolutions and crops, as well as in black and white colors, in transparent, vector and print ready formats.