PurgeRP - Identity

PurgeRP, a roleplaying online game community based on and inspired by the Purge series of movies, were looking for a scary, horror themed logo for their servers.

They wanted the logo to be based on the masks in the Purge movie series, with neon glowing tubes and a sinister grin. I obliged.

Using the Purge movies as reference, I drew a 2D version of the mask, for use cases where animation was not feasible.

I wanted the base mask itself to look frightening, even before adding the neon glow and text.

I then added the neon tubes for an even more demonic appearance.

For the text, I used a modified brush typeface for a gritty blood splatter feel, and added a glow to the entire logo to complete the design.

After finishing up the 2D logo, it was time to get started on the 3D design. Using the 2D logo I created as a reference, I sculpted out the 3D mask. I created tubes along the face of the mask to use for the neon. I don’t usually get to do these type of designs, so this was a lot of fun for me and I enjoyed every part of the modeling process.

I then created a brick wall to serve as the background, as I thought it would look exceptionally good with the neon lights going into the cracks and crevices of the wall.

Once the modeling was finished, I created an eerie red glow around the mask to complete the chilling design.

For the animation, I wanted a flickering neon effect to go with the neon look of the mask. The animation had to loop seamlessly as it would be used as a server logo. I created a short clean loop and rendered out the animation in multiple resolutions and crops. I also created a version with eye-catching bright glowing 3D text.

That looks so cool! I love it. I think it’s amazing! You’re very talented!

This was an incredibly fun and rewarding project, I had a lot of creative freedom, and the client loved the results! All project files were delivered in multiple resolutions and crops, as image sequences, video formats, and animated gifs, as well as in futureproof vector and print-ready formats.