Varun Adithya - Identity

Varun Adithya is a pianist with amazing talent. Before he met me, he was using a generic logo created through a logo making website. He didn’t particularly like this generic logo, and since his YouTube channel was growing tremendously, he wanted a personal logo which could represent himself, his music, and his channel while looking clean, modern and approachable.

After a discovery session where we discussed and organized Varun’s thoughts and ideas, I started working on a draft for the logo.

I used musical notation symbols as an inspiration. I opted for a monogram logo as I think this would look great not only on Varun’s YouTube channel, but also as a favicon when he’s ready to grow and build a website. Varun said he loved music, piano and arrangements, and I wanted to make a perfect representation of those. He wanted the logo to be modern, elegant, and friendly. The curved circles and lines convey an air of friendliness while the sharp corner bevels exude modernity and elegance. The black and white colors radiate timeless class and simple elegance, and brings to mind the colors of a piano.

Since Varun said he didn’t like logos that are filled with unwanted elements, I thought a Sans Serif typeface would fit him best. I created a custom font using elements from a modern and elegant typeface by Cristina Pagnotta called Audrey. This typeface not only complements the logo by providing a clean contrast between the curled elements and the straight lines, but also harkens back to the look of manuscript paper or staff paper, the parchment used for musical notations.

OMG! I love it!!! You’ve done a great job!! Couldn’t be happier! You have no idea how happy I am! Hands down!!! I’m speechless!

After getting tremendously positive feedback from Varun, I created YouTube banners optimized for viewing on every screen from televisions and desktop monitors to tablets and mobile devices.